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Cosse, a natural refuge

In our busy daily lives, where contact with the natural environment has been significantly reduced,there is a need to reconnect with that essence. It is in this context where the trend of furnituredesign with raw tones and natural raw materials…

2024 trends in decoration for your home

The year 2024 has arrived with endless possibilities to transform your home into a space that reflects your personality, gives you well-being and integrates with nature. At COSSE, as experts in furniture design, we want to share with you the…

Transforming Spaces: The Evolution in Furniture Design

The evolution of furniture design is in continuous motion and perpetual development, today we stand at a tipping point where aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility converge prominently to shape the transformation of our living spaces. This article dives into a…

Organic Shapes: Inspiration from Nature for Innovative Aesthetics

The evolution of furniture design has always been a fluid dance, between forms and nature, organic forms emerge as protagonists, breathing new aesthetic life into our living spaces. This phenomenon is not simply a passing trend; it is a testament…

Exploring the Future: Revolutionary Trends in Furniture Design for 2024

Furniture design, in its constant metamorphosis, enters 2024 as a field of expression that goes beyond aesthetics. This year looms as a turning point, where trends will reflect the taste of the moment, and become intrinsic fundamentals that will guide…

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